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Tantric Kriya Yoga

yoga07Sometimes no matter how hard we try, our goals don’t materialize.  This could be because it is not in our life plan or our electrical cords (energy system) are not connected to the nearby outlet (universal energy).  Tantric Kriya Yoga ( body focused meditations) find the missing currents and allow you to plug yourself back in. This is different from Hatha Yoga, which is a postural system.  Kriya Yoga uses movement, sound, and visualization techniques to re-circuit your nervous system/mind. It’s done alone or with another.

I began my meditation journey as a Zen practitioner in Chicago in 1969. In 1973, I set out to travel the world and to experience different spiritual system. Staying at monasteries, ashrams, temples, and retreat centers, I learned allot about many systems — their differences and common denominators.   I learned that a quiet mind allows for the heart to awaken and an awakened heart, no matter what the belief system, does good.

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