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Dear Potential Client:

I have 35-years experience in a variety of massage and bodywork modalities. They are in my “tool box.”  Those that are needed come into play when working on you. Many people ask for deep tissue massage.  I’ve learned this request is usually for a firm massage that gets into the muscles.  Deep tissue can hurt and most people don’t like that.  However, I know deep tissue, such as fast and deep friction to break-up scar tissue, and do it when it is called for. Though effective, it’s not pleasurable. Here are some of my “tools” with simple explanations:

Esalen:  calms the nervous system

Swedish: works the systems of the body

Polarity: connects all aspects of the body together

Deep-tissue: firm but non-harming method to relieve pain and promote flexibility

Aromatherapy: use of essential oils to activate the senses and to enhance wellness

Electro-magnetic: utilizes the magnetic currents to calm nerves for pain relief

Reiki: increase consciousness and serenity

Relaxation: Combination of all of the above and below

Lymphatic: Promotes drainage and better body flows

Trigger point: Pain relief

Hydrotherapy:  Use of warm and cold substances and stones to do all of the above and below

Spa treatments:  Exquisite “feel good” therapies

Bio-Health Treatments:  optimizes nervous system improving major organs of the body, the immune system, and over-all emotional health (please see Blog on this topic)

Foot care: pain relief and gait training for better body alignment

Customized Home Care/Exercise Programs

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