Off the Beaten Path, Day Spa & Rehabilitation Center.

Part 7 – Saved 9,463.00 for excellent dental work

Part 7 – Saved 9,463.00 for excellent dental work

Actual Costs of Dental Work And Trip, $2,675
First Procedure $3,580 – 1,790 = $1,790
Flight $95 (taxes) and 60K reward miles
Room $0
Misc $800
Ins. Reimburs. $1,790
Total $2,675

  • I saved $9,463.00 by going to Costa Rica instead of getting the work done in Austin, TX.
  • My dental work meets my expectations.
  • I made new friends.
  • I visited a beautiful country meeting lovely people, and there is a second time around

Note how wet the grounds are, which was an absolute delight
for us 2011 hydratrated- deprived Texans

Trogon Lodge is a beautiful place with delicious food and the best Pina Coladas. They have a pooltable in the recreation/bar house with a fireplace.

Here is an example of the ever changing landscaping at this lodge

Sweltering in Austin, we frolicked at the fireplace

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