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Part 6- Return trip, 2nd phase

Part 6- Return trip, 2nd phase

The 2nd procedure is called the Prosthetic Phase and Dr. Eduardo Castro will be my attending dentist. He’s the one who will make and affix the abutments and crowns to my posts. The estimated cost for this will be $2,725.00 – $1362.50 = $1362.50.

The breakdown is as follows:
4 Porcelain crowns (including prosthetic abutment and gold screw supported by implants @ $400 each. $1600
1 Porcelain crown, pontics, supported by implants $350
1 implant $775
Insurance Reimbursement $1362.50

I have not figured out my personal expenses. I do plan to revisit my Costa Rican friends. This time instead of ten days I’ll be there for twenty.

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