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Part 5- The treatment

Part 5- The treatment

What’s it like?

I recommend taking homeopathic anti-inflammation pills like Traumeel before the surgery. I forgot.

Arrival: Dental technicians and licensed dentists prepped the room and me.
Everything is surgically sound. I was told not to touch anything covered in green, which was almost everything. They put bootie coverings on my shoes, over my hair, and that big drape over my chest. I was given many Novocain shots. You can do general anesthesia. I chose Novocain. When my mouth was numb Dr.Anglada came in and a big black thing was put over my head with a big hole in it. This kept the light out of my eyes, the surgery sputter out of my eyes, and no peeking. They did not use one of those tongue guards, which I hate.

They started with the extraction and the removal of the three-tooth bridge, which I wasn’t charged for; then they began the drilling and screwing in of the implants and sewing me up. Along the way he’d shot more Novocain into my gums if I experienced any pain, even a little pain.

The whole operation took less than two hours. I took a taxi home with ice packs on my face and specific medication to take for 48-hours or more. I got home and I went to bed with my head elevated. I slept. I slept the next day too. I was supposed to be in total bed rest for 48-hours but had to get to an ATM to keep my end of the bargain.
The bus ride exhausted me. My face swelled up more. It wasn’t the end of the world. That evening I put ice on my face and by the following morning I was much better.

Here’s the upshot. Getting 5-implants is major surgery, even if it doesn’t hurt. The face swells and the body needs to recover. I came down with flu-like symptoms. I think it was the Novocain de-toxing out of my body or allergies. I took Benadryl.
My jaw was tight, very tight, and I ate only soft foods like yogurt, peanut butter, avocados, and applesauce. It took me 4-days to recover. By Saturday I told my fellow Texans to pack up because we were going somewhere.

We took a bus to the mountains where it was quiet, beautiful and cool. It was just two-hours away. Really special. This was particularly nice for us Texans because we’ve been in scorching heat and an awful drought. Rain was something from the past, like fountain pens. Rain re-hydrated us. We had a fabulous time turning on the heat, sitting in front of the fireplace, and putting on sweaters and jackets. Back home it was dry and 109 degrees.
We left the next day. I packed when I got back to the house and had a leisurely dinner with my friends. The following day I caught my 11am flight and returned to Austin at 5:30pm. Everything went well and am due back in Costa Rica between February and April.

Before going be sure to read the posts at the below link as these are implant specialists seeking advice from other specialists. If something should go wrong, you’ll have this information to guide you.

Dr. Arnoldo Anglada and I three days after the surgery or right after the surgery. I really don’t remember.

I know this is out of focus on me but not of the others. See how happy Costa Rican people look. This was at the bus station before going to Trogon Lodge.

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