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Part 3- Decision process…budget considerations

Part 3- Decision process…budget considerations

I sent digital photos to Dental Vac; Marcus Cavallini, Arnoldo Anglada, Healthbase, and a few others. I asked:

  • How would they do it?
  • The time they needed.
  • Each dental clinic for a detailed invoice.
  • The guarantees they warranted on the materials used and on their work?

My favorite message board talked about local hotel/motel arrangements with kitchenettes nearby dental offices. All were priced from $69- $90 a night. The one I chose was for $69 a night.

I developed a preliminary budget for a ten-day trip minus medical expenses. Though Moe indicated flights ranged around $400 round trip, I found they were more expensive. You might be able to get a flight below $400 from Atlanta but from Austin, TX they were between $600-$700. This became a fly in the ointment. There were airport taxes too!

Projected Travel Costs
Flight with taxes $780
Hotel $690 plus taxes
Food & incidentals $400
Buses & taxies $100
Trips $200
Misc $150
Total $2,320
YIKES. How about room rentals in homes to cut costs?

There’s a huge network of expatriates in Costa Rica renting rooms. Rooms cost from $10 – $50. Some are close to the dental offices.
I decided to use my frequent flyer reward miles instead of cash. There went my worldwide trip. I also decided to find a private dental group instead of using Healthbase. Here’s why.

Medical Tourism Providers take the worry out of your trip. I am an independent world traveler and adept at finding my own resources. I recommend using a Provider unless you are a capable gypsy.

Interviews with dentists and Conversations with end users:

I contacted DentalVac, Cavallini, and Arnoldo Anglada and few others.
Each sent me an approximate invoice for the indicated work. All were in the ballpark of one another. It was time to have a voice-to-voice conversation with them. They were all hospitable with excellent qualifications and testimonials.
I decided to go with Dr. Anglada. He had rave reviews. His patients take the extra effort to contact people like I am in writing this report. He prefers a 7-10 day stay and needs a 10-day lead-time unless you are in pain. He provides an arrival pick-up at the airport.
Do not make flight arrangements until you secure your dental appointment with whomever!

Here is a link to scenic spots and things to do in Costa Rica from
National Geographic:

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