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Part 2 – Overview with research links

Part 2 of a 8-part series

My research on Dental Tourism gave me these options:

  1. Join a Dental Tourism Provider and have everything planned, even financing.
  2. Select my own dentist, hotel arrangements, and financing.
  3. Network online through message boards to find my dentist and hotel arrangements, etc.

Dental Tourism is a business. It falls into the larger category of Medical Tourism, which includes everything under the sun that is expensive here and more reasonable at your selected destination.

I spoke with Moe at I learned that Healthbase is a turnkey medical tourism operation. They’ll walk you through the process, set up your appointments, help with airline and hotel bookings, and financing. They are more expensive than going on your own and your finance package depends on your credit score. Even with excellent credit, Healthbase had an $800 administration fee tacked onto my credit terms. I think a zero to low interest credit card is a better option.

I indicated to Moe I wanted to go to Cheng Mei, Thailand for my dental cosmetic surgery. They have great dentistry there and it is scenic. He said,” Thailand is too far unless you have six months to hang out or have the money for a second trip.”
Me: “Well, how about Mexico?”
Moe: “Possibly too dangerous. Costa Rica is a better option.”
Me: “Costa Rica?”
Moe: “Flights are numerous, comparatively inexpensive, and not exhausting. Plus it is a beautiful country to visit.”

Moe made sense. I chose Costa Rica as my dental destination and began my application with Healthbase. I was open to all possibilities and sought end user information. Next stop: surfacing the web for Costa Rican Cosmetic Dentists and for message board posts.

I couldn’t make heads or tails out of the professional dental websites I found. I had no grounds to make choices. Healthbase comes in handy here as they have their team of professionals you can count on.

I desperately needed end user reports and chat room discussions.
Below are the message boards and chat rooms I found. I used this one the most:

I read from 2009 to the present. The same dental groups and private practitioners came up. I emailed many end users and they quickly got back to me. I also emailed the dentists and they requested digital photos of my mouth. Make sure your photos are marked correctly as mine weren’t. It took us awhile to get on the same side of my mouth as my local office mis-marked my left side as my right.

Most of the cosmetic dental work takes place in
San Jose, a very BIG city in Costa Rica.
Here is a pictorial link of San Jose
Links of Interest

Posts and Chats

Dental Specialists:
(new smile got bad reviews from posts)

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