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Part 1 – Why I opted for cosmetic dentistry in Costa Rica

Part 1 – Why I opted for cosmetic dentistry in Costa Rica

FYI: Implants often come in two stages with two different specialists. The No Load Implant takes one visit but isn’t compatible with all mouths. I needed the two-stage procedure.

Procedure One: The surgical procedure of placing the posts, also called implants, into your jawbone takes 3-6 months to root.

Procedure two: The cosmetic dentist places the abutments on the posts. S/he makes and fits the crowns onto the abutments to finish the work.

WHY I opted…

“You’re kidding – $12,350! to remove a three-tooth bridge, one extraction, and surgically implant 5-posts? How much for the abutments and crowns?”
Clinic: “Oh, about the same.”
“ You mean that 5-implants with abutments and crowns and the surgical costs with bone grafts and maybe a sinus lift come to $25,000 or more?”
Clinic: “Approximately.”
“There you have it why I chose to go abroad for implants.”

Though some dentists charge less, the difference was insignificant. Below is the price chart from the most respected maxillary office in Austin compared to the dental specialist I chose in Costa Rica.”

Right! Just because it’s cheaper doesn’t make it better. I spent 1.5 months researching message boards, chatting with end users, and talking to dentists here and abroad before I took action. My projected cost for the 5-abutments and crowns conclude this report.

I posted a slew of links for your convenience and few pictures for your enjoyment. I hope this personal narrative and report helps you out.

Here’s a link from Wikipedia that will tell
you more than you ever wanted to know about dental implants.

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