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My Hair Growth

Good News from me and, hopefully, for you too.

I found a few hair growth remedies that worked. In less than two months I have hair growth. Maybe these products or others will do the trick for you.

Read up about DHT blockers. You may or may not know already that the main cause of baldness is how hair follicles react to the hormone Dihydrotesterone (DHT). Here’s a link to the American Hair Loss Association:


You can go on Amazon or Ebay to find a host of products. I chose Propidren on Amazon.


I also use FO-TI and it really did revert my gray hair to its original color, mousey brown, and made it thicker. I was concerned about highlighting my hair but it hasn’t changed the impact of either of these two products.

Here’s a link about Fo-Ti:


The third product I use is Hair Surge Shampoo.

Here’s the Amazon review link for it.

I may have found a cheaper product. I haven’t done any research on the new one. Here’s the link:

I just found out about Green Tea being a great DHT blocker. Here’s the info:

Before my hair grew back enough I used these products to fill in my bald spots.
They really made a difference to how my hair looked!

In addition to all these products, I use spring and filtered water to wash and rinse my hair. I think this has made a difference too.

Good luck!

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