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Mindfulness and Massage

  mind or emotion?

Everyone has a mind that lives in the present, future, and past.  We call this ” Monkey Mind.”  There are ways to quell endless mind chatter and you don’t have to sit on a pillow nor do you have to give up your religion or meat.  What you may what to give up is running away with your mind-chatter.  Everyone does it and everyone can learn to “stay put” while the mind agitates. One-day gaps happen between thoughts and one finds him or herself resting joyfully in those gaps.

Most people don’t realize that the nature of the mind is to be busy.  The evolution of the mind is to expand between thoughts and find serenity.  This mastery is the same as learning a sport, and/or instrument.  Practice makes perfect.

You can do it!

The good thing about combining massage therapy and mindfulness is that the massage stabilizes the physiology of the body (the brain).  When the body brain relaxes, clients have the patience and ability to corral their minds and rest inside the gaps, leaving more refreshed and quiet.


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