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My Hair Growth

Good News from me and, hopefully, for you too. I found a few hair growth remedies that worked. In less than two months I have hair growth. Maybe these products or others will do the trick for you. Read up about DHT blockers. You may or may not know already that the main cause ofContinue Reading

My Story

My Story: What I’ve learned about the American Drugstore Cartel, the Sellers not the Manufacturers What we as consumers can do about it. I use natural remedies on a regular basis and go to pharmaceuticals when nothing else works. I call pharmaceuticals “the Marines of medicine.” You don’t call in the “Marines” unless you areContinue Reading

Part 8 – Completion of dental work, abutments and crowns

Continue Reading

Part 7 – Saved 9,463.00 for excellent dental work

Part 7 – Saved 9,463.00 for excellent dental work Actual Costs of Dental Work And Trip, $2,675 First Procedure $3,580 – 1,790 = $1,790 Flight $95 (taxes) and 60K reward miles Room $0 Misc $800 Ins. Reimburs. $1,790 Total $2,675 I saved $9,463.00 by going to Costa Rica instead of getting the work done inContinue Reading

Part 6- Return trip, 2nd phase

Part 6- Return trip, 2nd phase The 2nd procedure is called the Prosthetic Phase and Dr. Eduardo Castro will be my attending dentist. He’s the one who will make and affix the abutments and crowns to my posts. The estimated cost for this will be $2,725.00 – $1362.50 = $1362.50. The breakdown is as follows:Continue Reading

Part 5- The treatment

Part 5- The treatment What’s it like? I recommend taking homeopathic anti-inflammation pills like Traumeel before the surgery. I forgot. Arrival: Dental technicians and licensed dentists prepped the room and me. Everything is surgically sound. I was told not to touch anything covered in green, which was almost everything. They put bootie coverings on myContinue Reading

Part 4- Decisions. The journey. Money game.

Part 4- Decisions. The journey. Money game. When to go? Where to stay? I networked with friends. “Anyone know anyone in Costa Rica?” Low and behold I got a few email addresses and phone numbers. I tried all of them. One immediately got back to me and became my Knight in Shining Armor. As fateContinue Reading

Part 3- Decision process…budget considerations

Part 3- Decision process…budget considerations I sent digital photos to Dental Vac; Marcus Cavallini, Arnoldo Anglada, Healthbase, and a few others. I asked: How would they do it? The time they needed. Each dental clinic for a detailed invoice. The guarantees they warranted on the materials used and on their work? My favorite message boardContinue Reading

Part 2 – Overview with research links

Part 2 of a 8-part series My research on Dental Tourism gave me these options: Join a Dental Tourism Provider and have everything planned, even financing. Select my own dentist, hotel arrangements, and financing. Network online through message boards to find my dentist and hotel arrangements, etc. Dental Tourism is a business. It falls intoContinue Reading

Part 1 – Why I opted for cosmetic dentistry in Costa Rica

Part 1 – Why I opted for cosmetic dentistry in Costa Rica FYI: Implants often come in two stages with two different specialists. The No Load Implant takes one visit but isn’t compatible with all mouths. I needed the two-stage procedure. Procedure One: The surgical procedure of placing the posts, also called implants, into yourContinue Reading

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