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American Drugstore Cartel

Why this blog happened:

Outraged by the cost of a generic pharmaceutical drug I needed and coached by my good friend, Robyn Jamison, to turn my RANT into a CONTRIBUTION, I committed to writing this blog to assist others.
I learned that the pricing of prescription drugs is competitive. Our pocketbooks don’t have to be a casualty of the American Drugstore Cartel.

True. Our drugstores don’t shoot us but some of them sure do scalp us.


If you don’t have drug insurance (or do); don’t have a discount card (or aren’t asked to get one); and don’t want to pay jacked up prices for generic pharmaceuticals, even if you have insurance or a discount card, go to Costco or independently owned pharmacies. Each of these distributors buys pharmaceuticals at different prices and your costs vary according to their markups, which may be less than your copay.

There’s more information in the post that follows the comparison cost chart.

Prescription: 1 Levofloxacin pill per day for 10 days at 500mgs


I presume whatever drug you are taking may be cheaper somewhere else.

Costco: $6.99
They’re the cheapest of all.
They charge 14% above wholesale cost.

People’s in Austin: $14.92

Rite-Away: $50.00
San Antonio and Austin

Apothecary Compounding Pharmacy: $14.92
They have five locations

Westy’s Pharmacy & Gift Shop: $25
Lockhart, TX

Walmart: $130 no insurance
Didn’t ask me to join discount club

HEB: $159 no insurance
$69 with discount card
$15-$30 Copay with insurance

Walgreens: $160
Didn’t ask me to join discount club

SAMS: $80s

There’s additional information in the post….continue reading

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