Off the Beaten Path, Day Spa & Rehabilitation Center.

Gayle is currently in Ajijic, Jalisco. MX.
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a stone’s throw from Austin

Give yourself a breather.
Take a countryside ride to:
4599 Old Colony Line Rd
for a unique and exquisite
massage therapy treatment
in Lockhart, TX 78644

Enjoy a comforting massage and other treatments from Gayle,

Voted the Best Massage Therapist in Caldwell County, 2012

rocks on back

Rest on the table after your massage.


Even take a nap. There’s no rush.

Before or afterwards


Listen to birds, running water, and chill.

Return through tranquil country side

Bluebonnets in Front of a Pond

Restored to your “better” self


What seemed impossible may have a solution.

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  • Contact Gayle at 512-351-5538 and chat. See if we are a fit.
  • You can also text and email at
  • You will need to talk before making an appointment
  • Book Appointment: Experience the Healing Wisdom in Gayle’s Massage
  • Decide which Tier works for you — Tier One, Two, or Three

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